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About StoryTattva

Unconventional Storytelling Practicum




Storytattva is an unconventional storytelling practicum aimed at transforming passionate writers into unrestricted, free-spirited storytellers.

Writer's Retreat

Unconditioning Writers

A once-a-year event taking in only 3 candidates.
A 30 days retreat in the heart of picturesque Lonavala, Maharashtra.
Daily 4-hours extensive and immersive creative exploration sessions.
Rest of the time, explore, mingle, daydream and of course, write.
Course Fees inclusive of stay and meals and refreshments.

Language: English

Pre-requisite: Participants need to have a laptop and a good internet connection.

Take-away: Come with an open mind and leave with a finished first draft of your first novel or screenplay ready.

Note: Admission strictly based on written test and personal interview.

The Mentor

Untraditional Coaching

STRIPPED (Short Film): Through simple yet effective imagery, Salian brings this sense of violation and devaluing powerfully to life.... While I wouldn't dare be dramatic enough to say that Salian gives the audience a sense of Ana's experience, the truth is that Salian doesn't worry about making us comfortable with what Ana endures.


The Independent Critic

Bhopal, the city famous for its contribution to theatre, is creating frenzy on several internet platforms. A short film Stripped, with as many as 325,654 views on YouTube has gone viral.


Hindustan Times

STRIPPED (Short Film): This Video Captures The Drastic Emotional Effects That Street Harassment Can Have On Women.


BuzzFeed India

There have been various short films and movies that bring out the patriotic feelings, especially around the national holidays of Republic Day and Independence Day. However, few artists think out of the box and address issues of importance with a patriotic backdrop.... The powerful poem in the backdrop, strengthens the story, Main Hindustan Hoon which has an impeccable impact leaves us startled. The short film is Written, Directed & Edited by Srivinay Salian who has also penned the powerful poetry.


ZINDABAD (Webseries): Srivinay Salian has written the dialogues, which, to be honest, are really good, showing glimmers of brilliance in between.


The Shoelace is a dramatic story, exploring themes of family values, inter-generational conflict and wasted potential... The reader descends with Amogh into a deep depression, but there is ultimately a glimmer of hope for his redemption. Author Srivinay Salian delves into human psychology and writes with empathy for even the most flawed people.


This book (The Shoelace) is really good to hold on readers interest to know more about Amogh and his wishes which got him on the lonely path…


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