StoryTattva is an unconventional storytelling practicum offering few writing tips and lessons for budding writers. Free Lessons are offered through Podcasts & Videos, which are basically excerpts from the OffBeat Discussion Sessions with a fellow writers pursuing novel writing or screen writing. The aim of StoryTattva is to instil the knack and instinct for storytelling, so writers can evolve beyond the formulaic techniques of writing.

StoryTattva is a brainchild of Srivinay Salian, a multidisciplinary writer & filmmaker, with a flair for conceptual and layered storytelling. He has garnered over 10 years of experience writing for ad films, TV shows, documentaries, short films, corporate films, and feature films and has to his credits national and international projects. He currently serves as a Writing Mentor at a Film Academy in Mumbai, India.

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