What’s your background?

I’m a full-time screenwriter, filmmaker, media strategy consultant, and writing coach. I am based in Mumbai. I started like everyone else and spent a good deal of my life working 9-to-5. But writing gave me a way out. Today, I’m a digital nomad. I’ve worked for national and international clients, and have a growing list of repeat clients. Since I started Coaching, I have been able to share my knowledge with others and it has been exhilarating and rewarding.

What is your success rate?

Some of my students have already got opportunities in the industry, with 6 months of course. But what is most important, is that all my students gain a unique, clear, and unshakable perspective on creativity and storytelling. Usually, people come to me getting little or no experience. After I work with them, they usually evolve to a space where they can hold their ground when it comes to discussing or debating creativity, storytelling, and writing in general! I know this because I get regular updates from my students.

What can one expect from a Coaching service?

The creative process is abstract and incomprehensible. It works differently for different people. But one thing is for sure, with a bouncing board, ideas flow more fluently and consistently. I start as that bouncing board for you. I will share the fundamentals for the art and craft of storytelling and creative writing. I will answer all your questions and give honest, unbiased feedback and advice to you, straight away. You will get “on the spot” answers and you can ask any immediate follow-up questions you have, right at the moment! My coaching style is very direct & honest and strives for a customized consult. I aim to offer a safe space for writers to share openly, receive feedback, & make massive progress with their creative writing process.

How do live sessions work?

We’ll set up an appointment ASAP at your request, something that will easily fit into your schedule. You will receive a Meeting link for the mutually agreed time. We can Zoom/Skype/Google Meet call, face to face or over the phone, whatever you’re most comfortable with!

What languages are you comfortable teaching in?

Primarily, English, given that my educational background is in the English medium. I also have taught students in Hindi.

What genres or medium of writing are you good at?

Well, I have piratically catered to all genres and mediums. My clients know me for being genre-agnostic. Usually, I get clients who throw an idea, then leave me to it. I end up delivering what they need. It could be a simple brochure copy, ad script, CEO speech, pitch concept notes, documentary script, or even a feature film screenplay. Since I started writing, I didn’t say no to any project I got.

Do you work with writers on a long-term basis?

Yes, I offer coaching packages. However, I do recommend a 1-month session before the long-term commitment. From there, we can accurately assess whether or not receiving long-term consultancy support is the right fit for you.

Do you take custom requests?

YES! Message me & let’s talk about what you need! Drop an email to storytattva@gmail.com with the issue details.

How to reach out in case of concerns and queries?

Drop an email to storytattva@gmail.com with the complete details.