Screenwriting Crash Course Ebook


Mastering Screenwriting – Crash Course Ebook is designed to help self-learners to quickly grasp the techniques of Storytelling and equip them with skills required by the industry.

  • Author: Srivinay Salian
  • Language : English
  • Pages: 150
  • Format: PDF
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Mastering Screenwriting
Ebook (English)

The Mastering Screenwriting – Crash Course Ebook is the quickest way to get your feet on the ground and sprint towards a career in Screenwriting. A no-nonsense approach, focussed only on teaching what is required for the day to day functioning as a professional screenwriter. From the Art of Storytelling to the Craft of Screenwriting, this book covers everything you need to know to become a professional screenwriter.

It is structured and designed to ensure that you can churn engaging and impactful stories. The practical step-by-step approach will help you craft your first screenplay as you progress with this coursebook.

What you will gain from this book:

  • Stages involved in the writing process.
  • Fundamentals of Storytelling
  • Approach to create layered, atypical stories.
  • Techniques of Screenwriting across irrespective of genres, domains, and medium.
  • Becoming a genre-agnostic, on-demand, reliable Screenwriter.
  • Proven Writing Process to deliver screenplays faster to your clients.
  • Practical and Effective process to transform any idea into a Story.
  • Guide to Pitching and Narrating your stories.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of the Screenwriting Business.
  • Tools of the Trade.
  • Personal Branding Tips

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